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Advent 2019 Newsletter is available

2019 Advent wreath

The Advent Newsletter is now available for download. It will provide an important update on the building program, especially the proposed long-term lease of the Hall to ElishaCare and other implications of the lease, including relocating Playgroup. The newsletter also provides an opportunity to share a little of what is happening in other parts of our life together.

Download the Advent Newsletter

2019 Advent Newsletter

Posted: Friday, December 13, 2019 by Peter Mallen

Suffering, death and life

Lent Studies 2019 - Commencing week of 4 March

Four studies based on reflections by well known preacher Barbara Brown Taylor on aspects of finding God in the midst of pain and suffering.

These studies invite new ways to think about the Easter story.

Currently, one group will meet on Thursday mornings at CRoydon UC and one group will meet on Friday mornings at Croydon North UC. Other groups may gather at other times, if these times do not suit you.

Further details from Peter Mallen on 0420 818 379 or at

Posted: Sunday, February 24, 2019 by Peter Mallen

Property Project

We are excited to report that the property redevelopment will commence in early January – the “work will commence shortly” has been confirmed and hand-over to the builder for the Stage 1 works - toilets, kitchen and removal of the sanctuary steps will in fact be January 7th. 

This means that we will not have access to the worship space from January 7th until probably sometime in March. The church office will still be accessible.

The final service in the church in its current configuration will be on January 6.

Sundays after Christmas and following will work as follows:

Dec 30 Croydon North, Rev Rod Brown
Jan 6 Croydon, Rev Dr Peter Mallen
                        Last service in current configuration
                        Afternoon: working bee
Jan 13 Croydon North, Rev Dr Peter Mallen
Jan 20 Croydon, Rev Dr Peter Mallen (worship in the Hall)
Jan 27 Croydon North, Rev Dr Peter Mallen
Feb 3 Croydon, Rev Dr Peter Mallen (Hall)

then every week at Croydon, in the hall, until works complete (sometime in March).  Note: Arrangements are being made to have use of one of the nearby Uniting Churches if the need arises for a funeral during this time.

Between Christmas and Jan 6th some resources stored in the areas affected by the works will be moved to other areas of the property.

There will be some grief and sadness as we say “farewell” to the particular configuration that we currently have.  The service on January 6th will recognize this past.  You are especially invited, and asked to make contact with other people who may wish to say “farewell”.  Photos will be taken.

Working Bee: The afternoon of January 6 we require able-bodied people who can help with moving furniture and a small number of other more light-weight jobs. Please speak with Carolyne and Paul Chandler if you are available to assist.

Posted: Wednesday, December 19, 2018 by CUC web admin
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Croydon Uniting Church position on marriage

The issues of marriage and sexuality have been discussed in the Uniting Church since the mid 1990s. Following the Federal Government’s decision to legalise same-sex marriage in late 2017, there was much interest in the discussion around marriage at the recent 15thAssembly of the Uniting church held in Melbourne in July 2018.

The decisions reached at the most recent Assembly meeting must therefore be seen as part of a much longer conversation. Within the Uniting Church it has long been recognised that there is a diversity of beliefs and cultural understandings of marriage. This is reflected in the Assembly’s resolution to accept two statements of belief – the traditional view that marriage is between a man and a woman, and the alternative view that marriage is between two people.

The responsibility of whether to marry any two people who request marriage according to the rites of the Uniting Church has been given to Ministers, as has always been the case. A second responsibility – whether to allow such marriages on church property – has been given to Church Councils.

The current Minister at Croydon Uniting Church, Rev Dr Peter Mallen, has indicated his willingness to consider conducting marriage for any two people, depending on their faith commitment. The Church Council has decided to allow such marriages to occur on church property.

If anyone has questions about these decisions – whether those taken by the Assembly of the Uniting Church or at the local level here at Croydon – they are invited to speak with the Minister or the Chair of the Church Council.

Posted: Wednesday, December 19, 2018 by Peter Mallen
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Rekindling hope - 2018 Advent Studies

As the world, the church and even our personal lives appear in a bit of a mess, where is hope to be found?

4 sessions over 4 weeks starting Monday 12 November 2018 exploring the theme of Rekindling Hope by Rev Dr Peter Mallen.

3 Groups are planned - Tuesday 10am at Croydon Church (led by Peter Mallen), Wednesday 7.30pm (led by Paul Chandler) and 10am at Croydon North (led by Liz Mallen). People can go to whichever session is more convenient and some overlap between congregations is encouraged! Depending on demand there may be other groups.

Titles of each session are as follows:

  • The need for hope
  • Hope in the midst of darkness
  • Hope was heard singing
  • Hope for today and tomorrow

Each study will include time for personal reflection, opening the Scriptures together, a response activity, praying with and for one another and a song. It's estimated each session will last around 1.5 hours.

Posted: Wednesday, November 14, 2018 by Peter Mallen