We are excited to report that the property redevelopment will commence in early January – the “work will commence shortly” has been confirmed and hand-over to the builder for the Stage 1 workstoilets, kitchen and removal of the sanctuary steps will in fact be January 7th. 

This means that we will not have access to the worship space from January 7th until probably sometime in March. The church office will still be accessible.

The final service in the church in its current configuration will be on January 6.

Sundays after Christmas and following will work as follows:

Dec 30 Croydon North, Rev Rod Brown
Jan 6 Croydon, Rev Dr Peter Mallen
                        Last service in current configuration
                        Afternoon: working bee
Jan 13 Croydon North, Rev Dr Peter Mallen
Jan 20 Croydon, Rev Dr Peter Mallen (worship in the Hall)
Jan 27 Croydon North, Rev Dr Peter Mallen
Feb 3 Croydon, Rev Dr Peter Mallen (Hall)

then every week at Croydon, in the hall, until works complete (sometime in March).  Note: Arrangements are being made to have use of one of the nearby Uniting Churches if the need arises for a funeral during this time.

Between Christmas and Jan 6th some resources stored in the areas affected by the works will be moved to other areas of the property.

There will be some grief and sadness as we say “farewell” to the particular configuration that we currently have.  The service on January 6th will recognize this past.  You are especially invited, and asked to make contact with other people who may wish to say “farewell”.  Photos will be taken.

Working Bee: The afternoon of January 6 we require able-bodied people who can help with moving furniture and a small number of other more light-weight jobs. Please speak with Carolyne and Paul Chandler if you are available to assist.