Helping Hand is an emergency relief service for people in need in our local community, providing food parcels and food vouchers.
Helping Hand serves people in the Croydon area and beyond, and is a significant outreach program of the Croydon Uniting Church.

5A Mount View Street, Croydon, Vic 3136
(A property of Uniting)

Opening hours:
9.30 am – 11.45 am Monday to Friday
(Closed on public holidays)

Helping Hand Co-ordinator:
Dianne Bull, Ph: 9725 1115

Volunteers are always required, and donations are very welcome

At Sunday morning worship, donations of non-perishable food are placed in the specially marked basket and trolley at the entrance to the worship space. Clean and empty egg cartons and small glass jars are also welcome. Helping Hand volunteers alert the congregation to specific donations required depending on items in stock at the Helping Hand office.

Several other local churches also support the Helping Hand program by collecting goods for this vital program.

Any donations and assistance for the Helping Hand program are always welcome.

Partnership with Rotary Club of Croydon

On 30 May 2017 a new partnership was launched between Helping Hand and Rotary Club of Croydon. The Helping hand Project is now controlled by an Unincorporated Joint Venture Board (UJV). The support by Rotary will, in particular, provide an ability to seek donations or grants which require tax deductibility.