Messages in a Series

As people like to search for information in different ways, these messages have been arranged by Message series, themes and popularity.

Faith, freedom and calling - 4 messages through the book of Galatians

Acts of Discipleship - 6 messages through the book of Acts

A journey through Lent - 6 messages

An adventure through Advent - 4 messages

Ruth - 3 messages on a beautiful short story with big questions
Job - 2 messages on Why do good people suffer?

SoC 2021 - 4 messages on A home for all? : Renewing the oikos of God.

Ephesians - 5 messages on living wisely

Leadership - 5 messages on the leadership of King Saul and King David

Life after Jesus- 4 messages from John and Luke

Mark my Words - 13 messages through Marks Gospel

Matthews Parables from chapters 22 & 25 - 5 messages
Season of Creation 2020 - 4 messages on the meaning of a Jubilee for the earth

A season with Matthew - 19 messages

Go Do Lukewise - 10 messages through Lukes Gospel

Messages grouped by the themes mentioned