Each Sunday, many volunteers contribute to our worship services, ensuring a welcoming and caring environment and a smooth-running and meaningful worship experience. Rosters for the various roles at Croydon and Croydon North Uniting Churches are available below in Printable PDF and Spreadsheet.

Role descriptions are available for all of the positions from either Kathryn or Peter.

To search your roster dates in the spreadsheet below:

  1. click on the spreadsheet;
  2. press CTRL and F (at the same time);
  3. type your first name in the search box. Your name will then be highlighted wherever it occurs in the spreadsheet.
Band and Tech roster members

Services led from Croydon UC have a white background while those led from Croydon North UC have a grey background. Services from the past are greyed out.

Printed rosters are also available to collect at Croydon Uniting Church, and are on noticeboards at Croydon Uniting Church. The monthly church newsletter contains rosters for the following month, and is emailed or delivered to all congregation members. Please contact office@croydon.unitingchurch.com.au if you would like to receive the newsletter by email.

If you need to swap your roster date, please arrange your swap, and then contact Kathryn with the updated names and dates.

This website page contains the most up to date version of the rosters. The paper rosters at Croydon Uniting Church will be updated as soon as practicable after changes are made to the central roster.

Thank you for serving and making a difference at Croydon and Croydon North Uniting Churches.

Hospitality roster members serving